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Treatment Options for Angina

The kind of angina treatment your doctor uses for you will vary depending upon how severe the problem underlying is. This related to how damaged the heart is. People with mild angina will usually be treated with lifestyle changes and drugs to control such symptoms. Changes to lifestyle include eating healthy for heart diets that […]

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Diagnosis of Angina

In order to evaluate and diagnose angina, the doctor will firstly ask a number of question to decide what triggers your symptoms and what the symptoms are. After this, the doctor will examine you and order 1 or more tests to confirm the underlying angina cause and the extent to which your coronary artery disease […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Angina

General symptoms of angina include: Discomfort or chest pain Arm, jaw, back, shoulder, and neck pain together with chest pain Fatigue Breathing shortness Dizziness Nausea Sweating Anxiety Some describe angina chest pain as if a vise was squeezing the chest, making them feel like heavy weights were placed on the chest. Depending on the regularity […]

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